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  • mother: you need to stop playing the sims.
  • me: ah fweegah fwaa boobasnot cayoo dis wompf es fredesche
  • I currently don’t have a job so any pay would be nice! :p

    It’s worth a try! It gives you a lot of confidence too ^.^

    There’s not really too many bars around my area since it’s a tiny college town! :(

    Aw, I mean it can be fun at times if you take the shitty pay, drunk pervy men and slave-like work out of the equation! I live in London so there’s one at every turn haha

    So, since I’m eighteen, it should be less hell-y?

    I suppose it can go either way. You’re behind the bar mostly so it isn’t that bad but you also have to constantly walk around making sure the “floor” is tidy if no under 18’s are working your shift. It’s honestly so draining, not to mention that you don’t get paid nearly enough for all the work you do. ;n;

    If you ever want a job and think “hey, a bar or ‘pub’ might be an option” think again. It is horrible. Especially if you’re under 18.

    I swear I’ll start posting when i can stop downloading new cc soon